Our company offers you two options for rest and a comfortable game. There are “cashback” and “deposit” systems.

Thanks to the world renowned systems, each client will be able to choose for himself more suitable offer.

“Cashback” system

Our “cashback” system is designed to prevent each casino customer from unwanted costs during the game. 
This system, as a rule, is suitable for the players of ordinary casinos. It offers the opportunity not only to spend time playing, but also to enjoy a good pastime without additional obligations.
The best and the most popular with our clients offer is a “Holiday in casino” package of services. Its acquisition does not oblige you to gamble. But in case you decide to play, you will be able to get cashback.
Starting from the second visit you can become a registered client of the Fly4Win company and automatically join our club.
According to our terms, within the “Holiday in casino” package the amount of time spent gambling and money wagered by the client is not limited.
After your first visit the casino checks all the game data and provides it to us, so we can analyze it and identify your gaming preferences. In future, some flight and hotel bonuses will be available to you during next trip when choosing this offer.
The “Holiday in casino” service package is unique in its own way. It’s based on cashback methods developed and practiced in Las Vegas and is common in many casinos nowadays.
Indeed, casino vacation is a very popular practice today. Nowadays, gambling is one of the most popular pastimes and is not considered to be something indecent or vulgar any more.
Thousands of people fly to different countries of the world every week (to the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus for example) to combine their vacation with playing in casinos.

“Deposit” system

Free casino customer service

Your friends fly for free and you still don't get how it works? Perhaps you’ve already heard the terms “deposit” and “free casino customer service”? And no, there is no misprint here. Free customer service really exists and has been in demand for a long time. We’ve decided to make your life easier and make this service available, simpleand legal. We offer our clients with personal service during the whole period of their vacation. We also guarantee high quality service and dedicated customer care that will make you feel like a VIP client each and every time you visit a casino.

The minimum deposit

The minimum deposit is $5,000 for one person. It covers the costs of airline tickets, private car transfers during the whole vacation, accommodation in 5-star hotels, dining at luxury restaurants and many other things.

Making a deposit. Step one

The client must contact one of our representatives, choose a day and make an advance payment of $700. Our representative will order airline tickets and send them on your e-mail address. The advance payment serves as a form of insurance protecting both the client and the company.

Making a deposit. Step two

On arrival at the casino, the rest of the depositis charged in the amount of $4,300 (taking into account the advance payment). Please note that when you make a deposit you pay for the full service, so all you have to do isto relax and have a good time playing in the casino.


Game time: 4 hours a day.

Blackjack: at least $50.

Caribbean poker: at least $50.

Russian poker: at least $50.

Roulette: at least $5.

Punto Banco: at least $100.

*According to our terms the minimum stay at a hotel and casino is 2 nights. The maximum stay is 5 nights.
*If the client does not meet the gambling terms, he/she pays for vacation himself/herself.

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